Thursday, June 2, 2011

Again somebody ASK ME: What is the Capital of Bangladesh?

I have answered your similar question a while ago, but it seems you did not notice that one. So here it is again. A person cannot be the capital of any country. Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh Where is the capital of Bangladesh or what is the name of the capital of Bangladesh is correct form to ask this same question. I feel ashamed being a Bangladeshi that I have to come across such immature and poor-English Askers from my country. These people know the answer of their question and think that Y!A is a place to Quiz people or to popularize their country town or important places.

And by the way, I have been in this forum since April 2006 and saw a few intelligent or good users from my country. Those are also living abroad and they could frame good question for enhancing their knowledge as well as could answer about Bangladesh if there is a Question asked in this forum by people who do seriously want to know the answer. My question: "who will be the Top Contributor or Top Scorer from Bangladesh in Y!A?"! Please people from my homeland, grow up and show some brain and not ask questions like you are in a primary school and grammar and syntax is yet to be taught to you. Hope above would give you enough food for thought and you, like many of us, would take this forum seriously and stop degrading our country in the eyes of the users from all over the world.

You seems to be a Pakistani boy, hence my apology that I signed off in Bangla. Khuda Hafez

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